Monday, 1 February 2010

Salesman's missed opportunity.- a quick sales tip.

A wee tip for those who are in sales or who have a sales team.

Recently my mobile phone contract was coming to an end. I literally spent hours deciding what phone to get next. After drawing up a list of features that I wanted and then listed them in priority order, I trawled forums, blogs, review sites for the two phones I'd narrowed it down to.

The iPhone 3GS and the HTC Hero.

I won't go into the where's and how's I came to the decision, but I plonked for the HTC. (I probably would not be disappointed either way as they're both excellent phones for the uses I needed them for.)

I decided that since I'd be tied down to a contract it'd be worth my while heading off to the local shopping mall to have a hands on test of each.

I went into Phones4U as I'm aware they're network neutral and was met with a very young, very enthusiastic sales assistant. Now this chappie had obviously been on every training course Phones4U could throw at him. He asked all the right questions and he made all the right noises.

Unfortunately, he made one mistake, which led me to leaving the shop and finding another place to make my purchase.

He didn't listen to me.

He was concentrating so much on what HE had to say, he didn't hear what I had to say and what *I* needed.

Consequently, I didn't believe that he had MY best interests at heart.

Ask yourself this question.

When was the last time you put the client first and put their needs ahead of your wish to get out what you wanted to say? When was the last time YOUR sales team listened to your clients...?

That applies online too. Does your message SHOUT about your achievements but fail to ask the client what they need?

Craig D Dunn
Scotland's No1 Online Digital Marketing Man

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